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Most Common Bagobo Animals

In any Bagobo community, you will always find the following animals:

1. Horse - Kuda


2. Dog - Aso


3. Cat - Mengko


4. Pig - Baboy


5. Carabao - Karabo



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Simple Bagobo Phrases

It's hard to write simple Bagobo phrases but I am going to try to translate common English phrases to Bagobo dialect:

1. Good morning to you.       Madiggr sil-lm kaneko. (singular)  
Madiggr sil-lm kaniyo. (plural)
2. Good afternoon to you.     Madiggr mappon kaneko. (singular)
Madiggr mappon kaniyo. (plural)
3. Good evening to you.       Madiggr dukil-lm kaneko. (singular) 
Madiggr dukil-lm kaniyo. (plural)
4. Where are you going?  Manda ka?
5. What are you doing?  Andin ag lumon no?
6. Who are you?  Sadan ka?
7. What is your name?  Andin ngadan no?
8. Where do you live?   Anda ka ag ud-do?
9. Who is your mother?  Sadan to innà no?
10. Who is your father?  Sadan to ammà no?
Like some people who greet you with a shortened  "....evening", Bagobos also shorten some of their greetings like the one word "dukil-lm..." when they meet at night. Depending on who they greet,  the manner the word is said changes... from a grunt to a stranger or extending the last syllable to greet a …

Bagobo Tagabawa

It's sad that the Bagobo tribe,  specifically the Tagabawa -- accordingly has been made an extinct tribe. The reason is that no one at this time and age has continued to uphold its culture and dialect. The current generation Bagobo Tagabawa has turned its back on its roots and origin.

Most young Bagobos today are embarrassed to admit their heritage.  I don't understand because at every opportunity, I declare to all and sundry that I am of a Bagobo Tagabawa descent -- my mother is a full-bloodied Bagoba, the daughter of a Bagobo Tagabawa and a Bagoba Tagabawa.

Although my father is a pure-bred Kapampangan, I have spent a few years of my childhood in the midst of the Tagabawa tribe and I have a good grasp of their culture and I understand every bit of the dialect -- I may not be able to speak it through and through but I do understand.

When my mother died, I knew we all were gonna lose our connection with her roots -- we might even forget the dialect. So I would try to preserve …